Partying for FREE in MYKONOS!!🇬🇷

Mykonos is one the most famous Islands of Greece!! It’s mainly known for the crazy beach parties and wild nightlife!!

This is my second day in Mykonos and today I decided to just go with the Mykonos flow which means Party Party Party hhaha !!

But there is no way I will pay for any beach club entrance or beach beds because in Mykonos they are extremely overpriced and I really can’t afford it… for now haah!!

Let’s see where we can go and have fun, relatively free ,in one of the world’s most expensive islands!!

In this trip Im traveling with one of the best greek travel youtubers Vasilis Manjuranis who is a great guy and a pure traveler!!!

Let’s have some fun while exploring the most crazy greek Island!! MYKONOSSSSS!!

Here you can Check Vasilis YouTube Channel 🙏🔥

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